Petite Martinique


You should really strive to visit the smallest of Grenada's inhabited three islands, Petite Martinique (or "PM" as it is affectionately abbreviated).

Getting to Petite Martinique

This delightful island is a mere 15-minute boat ride from Carriacou's town of Windward.  Local fisherman from Windward will happily take you but there is also a regular ferry service MV Chez Charmaine for the children of Petite Martinique who attend school in Carriacou. A one-way trip costs ecd$20. Times can vary so do confirm before you travel.

Chez Charmagne

You can also take the ferry from Hillsborough to PM. The journey takes about twice as long (~30 minutes) and you can buy your ticket in advance (at the Osprey office) or as you board. A return fare is ecd$60. Always confirm by telephone even if the schedule on the Osprey's website says it's running. 🙂 

As the trips to PM and back can be a bit unreliable, we highly recommend you stay the night. OurCarriacou recommends Millennium Connection Guesthouse (tell them we sent you!) which has an excellent location and shares the same grounds with a grocery store, cafe and tourist shop.

Guest house in PM

What To Do in Petite Martinique

Petite Martinique is a small, but pretty island with its communities nestled around the island's highest peak, Piton. Tourism is somewhat catered to on the island (check out the tourist office just outside the jetty) but its inhabitants mostly make their living as fishermen, farmers and boat builders. You will find some yachties anchored at PM, but not many.

The island has only a handful of cars but everything is (almost) within walking distance. 

Barely a stone's throw away from Petite Martinique is the luxury island of Petite Saint Vincent (PSV), part of the country of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). The "island" (well, sand bar) of Mopion is also very close. Local fishermen will happily take you to either location from the jetty at Petite Martinique. Both locations are very Instagram worthy. 

Tiny island of Mopion
PSV as seen from the Piton

Petite Martinique's main attractions and things to do would be to hike up and down the Piton. The route will also take you around about 2/3 of the island's coastline. The hike is not easy but it's not hard either. Bring lots of water!

A cave close to the jetty is worth a look if perhaps a little underwhelming. Just make sure to visit at low tide as it's inaccessible at other times of the day.

Local rum bars are never dull and a handful of  restaurants are located near the jetty.

Local restaurant


Nearby Islands

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