Getting to Carriacou

Most people make their way to Carriacou from Grenada's main island, either by air or sea.

By Air

No major airlines fly to Carriacou, as its runway is too short to accommodate larger planes, so you'll have to come via a smaller plane.

Flights to Grenada

Major airlines flying to Grenada's airport (code GND aka Maurice Bishop Airport) include those below. However, it is much easier to simply search flights to Grenada.

Depending on when you are scheduled to arrive in Grenada, you may need to spend the night before journeying onward to Carriacou.

If you do need to stay the night in Grenada, check out these Best Places to Stay in Grenada. The best choice for overall value is Radisson Grenada Beach Resort

Flights from Grenada to Carriacou

SVG Air operates an air shuttle service by prop plane from Grenada to Carriacou's Lauriston Airport. The flight time is around 20 minutes.

As the planes can only accommodate a handful of passengers, it is highly recommended to book well in advance, particularly during busy times, including Carnival.

By Sea Ferry

You have a few options travelling by sea ferry to Carriacou from Grenada. 

Osprey Ferry

Osprey is a high-speed passenger ferry that operates between Carriacou and Grenada every day except Sunday.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it leaves from Carriacou at 6am and 3:30pm, coming back from Grenada at 9am and 6pm, respectively.  Note that it is usually leaves late from Grenada. 🙂

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it leaves from Grenada at 9 am and leaves from Carriacou at 3:30 pm.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Osprey offices in The Carnage of St Georges, Grenada and in Hillsborough, Carriacou. But tickets are also available to purchase as you board. 

Dolly C Ferry

Dolly C is a great value (but slower) ferry option for travelling between Carriacou and Grenada.

It leaves from Carriacou (Tyrell Bay) to Grenada (Carnage) at 5am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and leaves from Grenada to Carriacou at 45pm these same days.

In other words, you can use Dolly C for a "there & back" day trip to Grenada from Carriacou, but unfortunately not vice versa. 

If coming to Carriacou from Grenada on the Dolly C and staying one or more nights, check out the Places to Stay in Carriacou listings.

Dolly C can accommodate plenty of vehicles and even shipping containers. It is much prompter than Osprey, so make sure you are on time!

Flights and Ferries to Carriacou from Grenada

Source: PureGrenada on Facebook but for Osprey Lines please now ADD rows: Grenada to Carriacou | TUES, THU & SAT | departure time 9:00 and Carriacou to Grenada | TUES, THU & SAT | 15:30

Tyrell Bay Express Ferry

Tyrell Bay Express is the latest addition to your ferry options. It departs from Carriacou early at 5:00 AM and from Grenada at 5:00 PM in the evening every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But always call ahead to make sure as it can be on a different schedule for special events. Contact them at (473) 444-6060 or

Amelia Ferry

The Amelia Ferry (not shown in the graphic above) is getting a little long in the tooth but is another way to get from Grenada to Carriacou. There is no need to purchase tickets in advance for Amelia.  Simply pay as you board.

Because both Dolly C and Amelia can accommodate vehicles, you could rent a car in Grenada and take it across to Carriacou, but it is probably more practical to simply rent a car in Carriacou once you arrive.

One of the Carriacou ferries

By Cruise Excursion

Most cruise ships are too large to dock at Carriacou, but a trip to Carriacou from Grenada and back is possible if you are on a cruise ship docked in Grenada. This will depend on the timing of your ship's arrival and departure and how much money you want spend on a water taxi or sailboat to Carriacou. 🙂

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