Carriacou vs Grenada

Carriacou is not for everyone. But the people that are attracted to Carriacou simply love it!

Here’s why we think Carriacou is better than Grenada.

Much fewer cars on the road

We haven’t done the calculation, but we’d bet there are fewer cars per mile/kilometer of road in Carriacou than in Grenada. Frankly, cars are ruining Grenada. More and more cars are arriving on the main island but the infrastructure is not keeping pace. Who wants traffic jams in the Caribbean? That said, we are a bit worried that Carriacou is heading in the same direction (including the arrival of some annoyingly loud motorcycles recently), but let’s hope not. 

A lot less hustling in Carriacou

This is somewhat related to the point above as you can’t walk 5 minutes in St George's, Grenada without getting hassled by a mini-bus. In Carriacou, a passing mini-bus will give you a friendly honk and you can simply indicate whether you want a ride or not. In Grenada, the mini-busies seem bent on trying to convince you that you need a ride.

Less crime

With very few exceptions, there is much less crime in Carriacou than Grenada on a per capita basis and Grenada already has much less crime than most other Caribbean islands.

More relaxed

The vibe in Carriacou is much more relaxed than Grenada. Even folks from Grenada say so! 

Better beaches

... and less crowded too. Just look at the number of beautiful, unspoiled beaches Carriacou has going for it. Sure, Grenada has some too, but as bigger hotels keep popping up in Grenada, say hello to crowds, “exclusive zones” on the beach and environmental abuse.

Less tourists

Carriacou is still hard to get to. Carriacou’s small airport and slow ferry routes mean that you must really want to come here to visit. There are probably more yachties in Carriacou per capita than in Grenada, but they are often a different kind of “tourist” than the masses that are arriving more and more these days on cheap flights to Grenada. 

Better snorkeling

Grenada and Carriacou are probably neck and neck for scuba diving but for snorkeling, Carriacou is the clear winner, especially with its Sandy Island Marine park. The amazing Tobago Cays Marine Park is also a mere water taxi away (more on Tobago Cays below) from Carriacou.

More affordable

With the big exception of groceries - especially fresh fruit and vegetables - Carriacou is more affordable than Grenada. You can eat out, stay and even buy property cheaper than you can in Grenada. 

Tobago Cays on your doorstep

This magical place is so close to Carriacou (30 to 45 minutes even by small boat) whereas it’s a long day to make it there and back from mainland Grenada. > How to Visit Tobago Cays.

Plus, Grenada isn’t far

If you happen to be missing anything that’s available in Grenada but not in Carriacou, Grenada is a short journey away - whether by ferry or prop plane.

Carriacou’s Disadvantages

Grudgingly, however, we do have to admit that Grenada does have the edge over Carriacou on a number of things. Here are Carriacou’s disadvantages compared to Grenada

Fruit & veg not as plentiful 

Fresh fruit & veg is less ubiquitous and more expensive in Carriacou than in Grenada.

Less exciting nightlife

While that may be a bummer for some younger visitors, this is not necessarily a disadvantage as nightlife can also be a beacon for noise and crime. 

Less reliable water supply

Most water on Carriacou has to be harvested (collected and stored in cisterns) owing to few ground wells. Grenada, in contrast, has a good water supply on tap year-round. Carriacou does have a modest desalination project underway but it’s still in its infancy.

No Grand Etang or waterfalls

Carriacou is a much drier island so there are no waterfalls or lush rainforests like in Grenada. Sadly, no monkeys either (anymore) in Carriacou.

So, there you have it. We love Carriacou and the people that love it. But don’t spread the word too far or wide. Let’s keep it unspoiled and all for ourselves!

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