Annoyances & Dangers on Carriacou

Carriacou has a well-earned reputation for being safe and peaceful.

On Carriacou, you do not have to worry about violence or crime. Muggings are virtually unheard of and even petty theft is rare. Try saying that about any other Caribbean island!

But if pressed, these are the risks to health and safety we would mention.


Mini-buses and vehicles (especially large commercial trucks) tend to tear down streets, even busy ones with children on the sidelines. Ironically, the only thing kayaks seem to do fast is drive!  Only the occasional traffic-calming speed bump seems to slow drivers down.

Related, most vehicles don’t move over much if you are walking or cycling by the side of the road. Some vehicles get hair-raisingly close to you for no apparent reason.

Dog Poisonings

The unfortunate practice on the island of indiscriminate poisoning of dogs is a big (and often hushed up) stain on Carriacou's otherwise sterling reputation.

The poison used is very toxic (banned in most countries) and results in a slow and agonizing death for dogs. Visitors with dogs must be aware of this terrible practice as the poison is deliberately placed in food scraps including, incomprehensibly, in popular places such as Tyrell Bay and even Paradise Beach.

Making matters worse, the authorities do not take these incidents seriously, which results in an environment of impunity for the handful of repeat dog poisoners. If you think your dog has been poisoned, immediately contact the Carriacou Animal Hospital.

The cleverly named 'Irates of the Caribbean' campaign is trying to stamp out dog poisonings on Carriacou. Consider supporting them. 

Mosquitoes & Sand Flies

The Caribbean mosquitoes are so small you might not see or hear them. Often you only become aware of their presence the next day when you are covered in itchy bites.

Manchineel Trees

This tree - known as the beach apple tree - is highly toxic. Not only is the fruit poisonous to eat, but it’s also not advised to even stand under it when it’s raining.

Loud Music

Hey, it’s the Caribbean. Some folks will insist on blasting their music, whether from a building, moving car or their portable speaker on the beach without considering whether it is disturbing anyone else close by.

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