Best Places to Eat in Carriacou

Carriacou may be small, but you can enjoy a wide range of dining experiences - everything from fine dining prepared by an award-winning chef, to eating fried chicken on the side of the road, to eating freshly caught BBQ fish and lobster on the beach, to everything in between. We also give a boost to those businesses supporting the 'Stop Dog Poisoning' campaign.

Paradise Beach Club

Here are our recommendations on where to eat in Carriacou:

Carriacou’s Best Restaurants / Bistros

  • Gallery Bistro in Tyrell Bay – a convenient place for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Great curries including vegetarian-friendly options 
  • Barakena in Tyrell Bay - fun & friendly local establishment with good food & ice-cold drinks 
  • Fig N’ Bluggoe in L'Esterre - great, hand-made food & drinks and unmissable ec$10 'Doubles' for lunch on Tuesdays
  • Pizza Meh Heart in Windward – the island’s best pizza at the best prices
  • Paradise Beach Club in L'Esterre - great all-round food and drink all day & night long
  • The Original Slipway in Tyrell Bay - quality dining and drinks 
  • Round House in Boggles – high-end quality dining with prices to match (open seasonally) 

To see more details on these and other dining options in Carriacou, see our Places to Eat & Drink listings.

Best Carriacou Bars & Rum Shops

All our recommended restaurants above serve lovely drinks in addition to food but the businesses below are the best places to go if you are looking to wet your whistle.

  • Barakena in Tyrell Bay - ice-cold drinks and sometimes live music & events
  • Lambi Queen in Harvey Vale – a favorite of locals, tourists and yachties alike, check out its great entertainment most Friday nights. Don't miss its attached Juicy Lucy bar for drinks, smoothies and delicious snacks. 
  • Hardwood Bar in Lauriston – right off the parking lot at Paradise Beach

Detailed descriptions for these and other drinking spots in Carriacou can be found in our Where to Eat & Drink listings.

Hardwood bar

Best Places to Buy Groceries in Carriacou

For the self-catering crowd, these are the best places to buy good-quality groceries, food and drink when in Carriacou. 

We recommend that you buy local fruit and veg as much as possible. It’s fresh, cheap and helps our community!

  • Alexis Supermarket in Tyrell Bay – the island’s best grocery store but pricey by local standards
  • Patty’s Deli in Hillsborough – an excellent place for those hard-to-get food items but pricey
  • Matheson’s Supermarket and Kim’s Plaza grocery stores in Hillsborough – these businesses are right across the street from each other and are both good all-around grocery stores for your everyday needs.

To see all your grocery-buying options on Carriacou, visit our Where to Shop listings. 

Best Street Stands & Stalls

Sometimes, the best food in Carriacou can be found at roadside stands or stalls.

For example, there are many great stands selling fresh fruit and vegetables in Hillsborough including at the marketplace close to the mini-bus terminal. Here are some others to check out:

  • KayakCuts (behind Oyster Shell apartments) in Tyrell Bay – fresh local meats
  • Denise (aka Big Mama) in Tyrell Bay – right across from Alexis Supermarket
  • Rufus in Tyrell Bay - local fruit & veg just past the Lambi Queen in the direction of Carriacou Marine. Very good quality if a bit pricey.

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