Fig & Bluggoe


This hidden gem is tucked away in the residential neighbourhood of L’Esterre, just off the main road. This place of rustic charm serves up homemade meals with a different special every day. For example, Tuesdays is popular for its doubles (a Trinidadian chickpea street food) and Fridays has yummy burgers on offer. 

The menu is vegetarian-friendly but also has plenty of meat and seafood dishes too. Serving coffee and alcoholic drinks. 

The operator/owners Jeannette and Brenda are super-friendly and welcoming, growing many of their ingredients in the same garden you will be seated in.

In addition to its scrumptious food and drinks, Fig & Bluggoe also offers handmade island crafts, fresh bread,  and even cooking lessons too.

Not to be missed.

Telephone: +1 (473) 535-7422




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