Paradise Beach Club


Paradise Beach Club is located on Carriacou’s most popular beach and is one of the leading restaurant, bar and live music venues the island has to offer.

Its beach has a wide narrow area of fine white sand protected by manchineel trees that allows you and your loved ones to enjoy, especially, there is a long shallow shoreline of transparent clean turquoise waters.

Their restaurant and bar is known for their superb foods, creative cocktails, outstanding services and live music performance. They have many excellent food choices which can range from Caribbean, Seafood, Pub and even Vegan cuisines. They also serve alcohol - especially, cocktails.

PBC is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also feature outdoor seating, serve liquor, table service, and reservations for special occasions for their guests.

Free on-site parking and Wi-Fi for customers.

Feel like a picnic on Sandy Island? PBC can take you there and back and provide a full picnic meal for you!

They are also offering yacht provisioning services, which is very handy for sailboats moored nearby.

Paradise Beach Club's primary goal is to provide the best experience of every guests on Carriacou. You, together with your family and friends, will definitely enjoy and have a great time at Paradise Beach Club.

Reservations are not always needed but recommended.

Telephone: +1 (473) 404-0415


Paradise Beach (Lauriston)

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