Osprey Ferry


The main ferry line from Grenada to Carriacou is the Osprey Line.

To/from Grenada, it leaves and arrives from its docking bay right across from the police station and fire department at the Carenage. There are a handful of parking spots there and room to be dropped off by taxi.

To/from Carriacou it leaves and arrives from the new facilities in Tyrrel Bay.

Tickets & Costs

Tickets can be purchase on the spot prior to boarding, but only with cash.

The fare from Grenada to Carriacou is EC$80 (US$ 31) for adults, EC$50 (US$19) for children aged 5 to 12) and EC$10 (US$4) for children aged under 5.

No discount is given for return journeys, so just double the fare.


The journey takes about 90 minutes one-way. This can depend on which ferry you actually catch. The Osprey line comprises an older, smaller, slower and slower boat (dubbed Osprey Express) and a newer, bigger, faster one (dubbed Osprey Shuttle).


The Osprey Ferry leaves from Carriacou to Grenada at 6:00am and 3:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The return trip from Grenada to Carriacou starts at 9am and at 6pm on the same days. 

The exceptions are Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday when there is no ferry service.

And there is more frequent ferry service during special periods such as during Carriacou’s Carnival and Regatta.

It is always good to confirm the schedule in advance. The Osprey ferry’s full schedule is conveniently available online: http://www.ospreylines.com/index.php/schedule-fares


Where You Catch the Ferry in Carriacou and Grenada

Carriacou Ticket Office in Hillsborough


Tyrell Bay

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