Tyrell Bay Port


This is where you will likely start or end your journey, if traveling by ferry.

Located adjacent to the Tyrell Bay Marina, the Tyrell Bay Port Facility replaced the old port facility at Hillsborough, affectionately known as the “old jetty”.

Construction of the Tyrell Bay Port started in January 2017 kicking off a $7.3 million upgrade investment, in the hopes of launching an increase of economic activity and ease of travel for people on the island. It includes a new welcome center for passengers entering and exiting the facility.

Located at position 12°27.58'N, 61°30.51'W, in the southwest corner of Carriacou, it includes all the water within Tyrell Bay east of a line drawn on longitude 61°31'W.

Vessels can anchor in 9.1 to 27.45 meters in the northern outer part of the bay. Pilotage is compulsory for tankers over 100 gross registered tons, with at least 24 hours’ notice required.


Tyrell Bay Port is a well-protected anchorage with a gently shelving sandy/weed bottom with capacity for 60 to 100 boats, with depths from 3 to 5 meters.


Moorings are generally managed by boat boys, who will guide you to one on your arrival unless you choose to try anchoring. Moorings cost about US$20 a night.

Carriacou Marine also has a few moorings (bright red cones). Ideally, call ahead to book your buoy.

Dinghy Docks:

Several dinghy docks are available in Tyrell Bay, including one near the neighboring Tyrell Bay Marina, one on the main ferry dock, and one at Carriacou Marine with direct access to its chandlery.


Tyrell Bay boasts a good selection of restaurants and cafes, most with Wi-Fi. Provisioning is easy through local vendors and supermarkets.

Gorgeous Tyrell Bay


Tyrell Bay

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