Traditional Boat Building


Carriacou has a rich history of boat building dating back hundreds of years to when the Scottish arrived and introduced boat building to the island of Carriacou using methods passed down for generations. These boats became the lifeblood and mode of water transport of the Caribbean to move goods.

Carriacou’s strong maritime culture means that boat building has played a vital role in the island's economy and way of life. The island's shipyards, now concentrated in the Windward area, have produced a wide variety of boats, from small fishing boats to larger vessels used for trade and transportation.

Traditional wooden boat

The industry on Carriacou has always been driven by the skill and craftsmanship of the island's residents whose boat builders are known for their attention to detail and their ability to create beautiful and functional vessels. Frames are carved and planks are hewed under the trees using traditional tools and methods as well as local natural materials, knowledge, and resources.

In recent years, the boat building industry on Carriacou has faced challenges due to the increasing availability of mass-produced, fiberglass boats. However, the island's boat builders have continued to produce high-quality wooden boats, and the tradition of boat building remains an important part of Carriacou's culture and identity.

Even today, Kayaks (the nickname given to residents of Carriacou) are determined to preserve the legacy of the traditional wooden boat building in the Caribbean. To sample Carriacou traditional boat building, check out the must-see documentary, Vanishing Sail, which is set in Carriacou!



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