Princess Royal Hospital


Located at Mt Royal in Belair, Princess Royal Hospital is Carriacou's main health facility with ~40 bed capacity. 

The people of Carriacou have some challenges when it comes to healthcare services. But things are slowly getting better.

In the past, Kayaks (as Carriacou residents are known) had to travel to the mainland or private health facilities to obtain x-ray services because the facilities here lack equipment and available services

However, recently, the Princess Royal Hospital obtained a new x-ray machine. This means that the hospital is now fully capable of performing x-rays – a service that was up to now missing from this facility.

The installation of the x-ray machine is only one of the upgrades received by the Princess Royal Hospital as part of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) ‘Smart Hospital Project’ in the amount of US$1.5 million for the of the island of Carriacou. The project also included the installation of smart electrical appliances, new windows and doors, a fire alarm and detection system, disability access, lockers, ventilation and air conditioning system, and improved roofing. These upgrades also made the hospital more disaster-resilient and water-efficient.

Thanks to PAHO’s Smart Hospital Project, the Princess Royal Hospital is now edging closer to being a modernized health facility.

Incidentally, the hospital grounds might also have the best views of the island with sweeping views over West and North Carriacou, including over the capital Hillsborough. 



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