Hotel Carriacou Laurena


Centrally located on Middle Street in Carriacou's capital, Hillsborough, it is within walking distance to the bus terminal and taxi stand, banks, pharmacies, restaurants, bars and stores.

The hotel has 28 guestrooms. Each room has a private balcony, air conditioner, flat-screen television, wireless internet access, refrigerator, kitchenette, and a private bathroom with a shower/ tub. The property also possesses a fitness center.

Hotel Laurena also has a beachfront restaurant called Laurena II. Here you can enjoy dining international cuisine, drinks at the bar, and a dazzling view of the ocean. The restaurant’s menu features fresh catches by local fishermen - grouper, hind, snapper, etc as well as oil down, Grenada's traditional dish.

The hotel has a multi-purpose room for events and parties. It has a capacity of 200 persons featuring 30 tables and quality table linen. There is also a sound system with 4 x 200 DB speakers controlled using an audio mixer.


  • Telephone: +1 (473)443-8334 or 8335 / US Toll Free: 877-755-4386 / US Local: 909-547-5047



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