Green Roof Inn


Green Roof Inn is an 8-room hotel and 20-seat restaurant located about half a mile (1 km) from Hillsborough, the main town of Carriacou. 

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In the main building of the oceanfront hotel, there are 5 guest rooms with views of the sea. On the veranda upstairs is a restaurant where you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and ocean views. The hotel also has two cottages on the verdant garden that leads to the sea. There are also common areas of the inn like a massage parlor and lounge/ yoga pavilion where you can relax - perfect for a vacation getaway.

All rooms and suites are individually designed and have access to a veranda facing the sea where you can get a sight of the ocean and sunsets. Every room has a private bathroom, fans, mosquito nets, and hot/ cold water. A continental breakfast and free wireless internet are also included in the room rates.

In the verdant garden of fruit trees and flowers are units of cottages and bungalow. Each has verandas overlooking the sea. They are just a few steps from the inn’s main building and have access to the garden gazebo, dinghy dock, and the small cove where you can enjoy swimming.

The cottage and bungalow are ideal for those who are staying longer in the hotel or those who want total independence and privacy.

The hotel also has a yoga deck which is covered for shade. They offer that part of their property as a venue for yoga and meditation classes and sessions.

Ocean Terrace Restaurant

The inn’s restaurant base their menu on local ingredients and create dishes such as smoked lobster, gravlax, pickled Dorado, sun-dried bonito, and cured beef tenderloin. Vegetarian options are available as well.

In their circular bar, they serve exotic cocktail sundowners.




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