Contact Numbers for Embassies & Consulates


These embassies and consulates are all based in Grenada. None are based in Carriacou.

Presented in alphabetical order and grouped first by embassies and then consulates.


  • China Embassy 439-6228
  • United States Embassy 444-1173
  • Cuba Embassy 444-1884 / 9
  • Venezuala Embassy 440-1721

Consulates et al

  • France Cosnulate 444-4175
  • Germany Honorary Consulate 440-7260
  • Guyana Consulate  440-2031
  • Jaimaca Honorary Consulate 231-1973
  • Netherlands Consulate 459-0721
  • Norway Honorary Consulate 440-3012
  • Spain Honorary Consulate 440-3578


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