Beach Bums Carriacou


This is Carriacou's newest Airbnb and one of the Best Places to Stay on the island.

Beach Bums Carriacou offers a unique and immersive outdoor living experience on the St. Louis peninsula, emphasizing a blend of comfort and closeness to nature. This Airbnb rental features a tiny house equipped with a plunge pool, an outdoor covered lounging and dining area, a tropical outdoor shower, an oversized hammock net, a yoga deck, and a BBQ area. The interior, though compact, is comfortably furnished with a king-size bed offering stunning sea views, a functional kitchenette, a breakfast bar, a modern bathroom, and stylish minimal decor including a retro Smeg fridge/freezer.

Guests at Beach Bums Carriacou can enjoy cooking with a two-burner stovetop and a full BBQ off the deck, with conveniences like a Smeg kettle, toaster, and French press for easy breakfasts. The property boasts strong and fast Wi-Fi, ensuring connectivity amidst the natural surroundings. The location offers privacy and security for peace of mind.

Beach Bums Carriacou is close to important sites and services. Tyrrel Bay, with its restaurants, bars, and grocery shops, is just a 10-minute drive away. The property is near Paradise Beach and the capital, Hillsborough, offering easy access to Carriacou's attractions. The rental encourages guests to rent a car, scooter or ebikes for convenience.

Beach access is a highlight, with three beautiful beaches within a 5-10 minute walk, offering excellent swimming, snorkeling, and beach picnics. The property is eco-friendly, largely solar-powered, and uses filtered rainwater.

However, potential guests should consider the access challenges due to its location on an unspoiled peninsula, the absence of air conditioning, outdoor-only shower facilities, and the natural terrain that includes some tripping hazards.

But overall the unique features and setting of Beach Bums Carriacou make it an exceptional choice for those seeking an authentic and nature-close holiday experience in Carriacou

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